#zeroto50k Week 2 Summary

This is the second post in a weekly series chronicling my journey from being completely out of shape post-partum to running my first 50km ultramarathon. For week 1, click here. Follow my journey on Twitter and Instagram with hashtag #zeroto50k

Well, that was a hell of a week. Starting off with a depressing election and unexpected interpersonal conflicts arising from it, there seemed to be a dark shadow hanging over myself and everyone I knew this week.
This isn’t the place to get into my feelings on that, but what it boils down to is this: this was a week where I had to be gentle with myself. I could give reasons (excuses, if you prefer) that’s the gist of it. Sometimes running is therapy. Where I’m at right now, it’s still quite a struggle, and sometimes curling up on the couch with my babies or my husband is the real therapy I need.

Rainy day recovery miles. Feeling good…although damp. #zeroto50k #yegrun #yegdt #sundayrunday

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The good news is, I’m still 11 months out from race day, and there is more than enough time to prepare, even taking into account the odd bad week. The bad news is, with the holidays and miserable weather right around the corner, there are likely to be a lot of bad weeks. And I will need to run through them. It is too early to start suffering real setbacks.

So let’s do this. This week, I commit to finding a way to squeeze in runs, even though life is busy, owning a business is hard, and small children cling to me all day like tiny blond barnacles. I’ll run with that hideous jogging stroller if I must (oh how I hate the jogging stroller), I’ll trade childcare, I’ll ask my building manager to get the damn treadmill in the “fitness centre” downstairs fixed. I will figure this out, somehow, or I will crash and burn next October on the trails. Onwards and upwards.

Here’s the recap of week 2 of my 10k training plan:

Workouts: 3 (still falling short of my goal of 5-6)

Longest Run: 3.3 km

Biggest Challenge: Getting in a run before it gets dark at 5pm (I hate you, winter)

Biggest Win: Got some good strength training workouts in – starting to feel stronger

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