#zeroto50k Week 3 Summary

This is the third post in a weekly series chronicling my journey from being completely out of shape post-partum to running my first 50km ultramarathon. For week 1, click here. Follow my journey on Twitter and Instagram with hashtag #zeroto50k

It’s 9:30 on a Sunday night and I almost forgot to write this update! My bad. I was almost done a different post entirely when I realized I hadn’t done this one yet.

Beautiful morning for some punishing hill training ? #yegrun #yegrivervalley #yegdt #zeroto50k #readysetrun

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Once again, I fell short of my target of 5 workouts and ended up with only 3. I am still struggling to find a way to run without abandoning my babies. It would help if the sun didn’t set at 4:30, before my husband gets home to take over parenting duties. Maybe I need to get over my mental block of running after dark? I dunno, I’m a big fan of not being assaulted in the woods.

Just keep runnin’ ? #runlife

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Maybe I’ll start harassing the building manager to get the treadmill serviced so that it doesn’t lurch to a terrifyingly sudden stop without warning on a regular basis. But I feel like chances are slim. I am open to suggestions here.

I did get a few runs in, although none were as good as I’d hoped. I’ve been getting daily headaches that really take the spring out of my step. I think I might be dealing with a sinus infection. I was sniffing like Donald Trump on my Saturday “long run” (not that long, fail) and my head was throbbing. I ended up bailing from my planned route and heading for home after about 4 km. I feel like I’m already plateaued at 5k and it’s really depressing. Time to make a doctor’s appointment and figure out what’s going on with my head, and hopefully bust on through and start moving more steadily towards my first big training goal of getting up to 10k (20% of the distance I’m eventually training for…ahahaha…it’s something!)

I don’t want to make this a weight loss blog, but I just need to vent for a moment: I’m also completely plateaued at the moment in terms of weight loss. At 44 lbs up from my weight before my first pregnancy 3 years ago, this is tough for me. I’m breastfeeding 2 children and thus have obscenely high calorie needs, but even with fairly regular exercise and a pretty good diet, the scale is desperate to stay where it is. I’m trying so hard to still love my body as it is, but I know that I will feel much better, physically and mentally, if I can at least get within 15 lbs of that weight. Between my 2 pregnancies I was able to get down to just 12 lbs above my pre-baby weight and I felt pretty good, if a little (a lot) soft around the edges. That’s all I ask. Come on, body. Get with it. End rant.

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Here’s the recap of week 3 of my 10k training plan:

Workouts: 3

Longest Run: 4.7 km

Biggest Challenge: Life. OK, seriously, still just finding time to run while the sun shines.

Biggest Win: Made it out in the cold, and managed to bundle up the exact right amount to stay warm but not sweat to death. Score!

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